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"To protect life and property from the risk of fire, through excellent service, fire safety regulations and standards."

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You can make sure your members of staff have an appropriate reaction to the outbreak of a fire with our comprehensive 45 minute classes. We are instinctually driven to fear fire, you can help 20 members of your staff in a single class to keep their cool in a blaze and to limit loss and damage.

Fire safety training for London

• Learn and understand the fire triangle

• Understanding each class of fire (A,B,C,D & F)

• Teaching attendants how to use each type of  

  fire extinguisher and when to use them

• Practice discharging 2kg of Co2

• The steps of an emergency plan

• Evacuation procedures

• The extra duties expected of a fire marshal

• Basic fire training certificates issued to each

 person that attends

Knowledge is the first defence against irrational decisions. Our training can limit loss, call

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How does our fire safety training help to protect your assets?

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