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"To protect life and property from the risk of fire, through excellent service, fire safety regulations and standards."

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You can eliminate all potential fire risks from your property with the expert help of our highly dedicated fire safety assessors. Your property could be vulnerable to fire due to insufficient access or the improper use materials. We will thoroughly assess every aspect of your building and we will give you reasonably priced solutions to protect your property and personnel from the ravages of fire.


Fire risk assessment will remedy your property's vulnerabilities

• Identify fire hazards - Electrical sources, smoking, arson, heating, cooking, lighting, housekeeping standards, outside contractors and building works

• Identify people at risk - Sleeping occupants, disabled occupants and people in remote areas

• Fire protection measures - Means of escape, limiting the spread of fire, escape lighting, fire safety signs, giving warning in event of fire, manual fire extinguishing appliances, automatic fire extinguishing systems

• Management of fire safety - Procedures for responsible persons, training and drills, testing and maintenance, action plan with time scale drawn up

• Review - The review date for the fire risk assessor or responsible person

London City Fire Groups 5 step fire risk assessment method

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Fire safety testing